Having issues with the stream or archives? Here’s where you can go to get help.

What’s with the new archives?

In late 2017, we released a brand new archiving solution. This archive solution included embedding the streams in webpages, automatic quality selection, and a now playing section. The archives also work better with mobile devices.

What happened to your old archives?

In order to keep up with the DMCA, we have changed our archiving solution. This included several changes, mainly removing the ability to scroll and download shows.

What about the new stream?

Our “listen now” live stream has also been updated. You no longer have to download a file in order to listen to our stream. The new stream will also now provide the highest stream quality possible automatically. The stream will also work better on mobile devices.

The stream/archives isn’t working for me.

On both the stream and archives pages, there is the option to download the legacy stream/archives. They both provide a playlist file that can be listened to in a variety of media players, such as the free VLC player. You can also try upgrading your browser to one of these in order to assure that you will get the full features provided in the new stream.

I’m having buffering issues.

The lowest quality stream available is 32 kbps, so most modern internet connections and some dial up connections should have no issue streaming. Please check your internet speed and see if it is capable of streaming.

I want the old archives back!

As mentioned earlier, in order to comply with the DMCA regulations, we cannot provide a scrollable or downloadable stream.

What can I do if the archive isn’t correct?

Please contact us and we should be able to resolve your issues. Note that sometimes if the show fails to record, then not much can be done to fix it.

The archive stopped in the middle of playing? Do I have to start from the beginning again?

Nope! You can go to the archives page and manually select the time to start. This allows you to start in the middle of a show instead of starting back at the beginning.

I’m having issues. Is there someone that I can contact?

If you are having any issues with the stream, you can shoot us a message on Facebook or send us an email and we should be able to help you.