Show #112: Captain Beyond’s Captain Beyond

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Released on Capricorn Records in 1972, Captain Beyond one of that decades best forgotten hard rock albums, bringing together members of Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly in a supergroup that blend space rock, metal and jazz into a dizzying array of multi song mini-suites.

Setlist (“Song Name” – Artist – Album)

“The ’59 Sound” – The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound
“Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Armworth” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Myopic Void” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
Mesmerization Eclipse” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Raging River Of Fear” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Into)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Frozen Over” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come And Gone)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“I Can’t Feel Nothin’ (Part I)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Astral Lady” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
As The Moon Speaks (Return)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“I Can’t Feel Nothin’ (Part II)” – Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond
“Hush” – Deep Purple – Shades Of Deep Purple
Before forming Captain Beyond, Rod Evans was the vocalist for Deep Purple on their first three albums.
“Easy Rider (Let The Wind Pay The Way” – Iron Butterfly – Metamorphosis
Both Larry Reinhardt and Lee Dorman of Iron Butterfly were members of Captain Beyond.
“Bad Luck Situation” – Johnny Winter – Saints & Sinners
Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwell played drums for Johnny Winter on this solo album.
“Don’t Let Me Down” – Bobby Womack – Lookin’ For Love Again
Larry Reinhardt lends his bluesy lead guitar to this Bobby Womack cut.
“What You Won’t Do For Love” – Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love
Drummer Bobby Caldwell scored a hit with this solo single.
“Teenage Queen” – Rick Derringer – All American Boy
Bobby Caldwell also plays drums on this classic Rick Derringer album.
“I’m A King Bee” – Mahogany Rush – Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush (Live) [by Request]
Mahogany Rush’s Frank Marino has a similar bluesy guitar sound to Captain Beyond’s Larry Reinhardt.
“Keep Goin'” – Lucifer’s Friend – Lucifer’s Friend [by Request]
Hard rock contemporaries of Captain Beyond.
“Magnetic Man” – Electric Citizen – Sateen
Cincinnati’s own Electric Citizen make metal that draws back to the hard rock of the 1970s.
“Nowhere” – Nowhere – Nowhere
The opening tracks from Nowhere’s first album flow into each other much the same way as the tracks on Captain Beyond. They also draw on the same 70s rock heritage.
“Dead Alive” – Nowhere – Nowhere
“Sixty-Eight” – Slow Season – Mountains
Slow Season are also crafting modern hard rock that resembles Captain Beyond.
“Down Through The Night” – Hawkwind – Space Ritual
Hawkwind are perhaps space rocks greatest pioneers, and Captain Beyond draw on those sounds on their debut.
“The Awakening” – Hawkwind – Space Ritual
The cuts on this album also flow together in a similar fashion to Captain Beyond.
“Layla” – Derek & The Dominos – Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs [by Request]
For Haans! Captain Beyond was recorded in part as a tribute to the band’s late label-mate Duane Allman, who was a member of this rock supergroup.
“Stand Back” – The Allman Brothers Band – Eat A Peach
In addition to being a tribute to Duane Allman, as previously mentioned, Captain Beyond and The Allman Brothers were label mates.
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