Show #108: Dan Fogelberg’s Nether Lands

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Released in 1977, Nether Lands is Dan Fogelberg’s creative apex, with lush musical arrangements and some of his best lyrics.

Setlist (“Song Name” – Artist – Album)

“The ’59 Sound (Acoustic)” – The Gaslight Anthem – The B-Sides

“Nether Lands” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Once Upon A Time” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Dancing Shoes” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Lessons Learned” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Loose Ends” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Love Gone By” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Promises Made” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Give Me Some Time” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Scarecrow’s Dream” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“Sketches” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“False Faces” – Dan Fogelberg – Nether Lands

“The Wind” – Cat Stevens – Teaser And The Firecat [by Request]

Cat Stevens is a folk music contemporary of Dan Fogelberg.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Kenny Rankin – The Kenny Rankin Album [by Request]

For Chance the Gardener! Another contemporary of Fogelberg.

“Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do)” – Christopher Cross – Arthur The Album [by Request]

For Brandt of the Cream of Broccoli Radio Hour! The first track on Nether Lands is similarly affected sounded.

“Fall In Philadelphia” – Hall & Oates – Whole Oats [by Request]

Hall & Oates are also sonic contemporaries of Dan Fogelberg.

“There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler” – Dan Fogelberg – Souvenirs [by Request]

“The Dangling Conversation” – Simon & Garfunkel – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Simon & Garfunkel influenced folk rock and set the stage for artists like Dan Fogelberg.

“The Obvious Child” – Paul Simon – The Rhythm of the Saints

Paul Simon and Dan Fogelberg are contemporaries.

“Run” – Oldboy Feat. Jenna Fournier – Covered In Sound

local folk rocker hat draws from Fogelberg’s musical heritage.

“Fountain Of Sorrow” – Jackson Browne – Late For The Sky

Dan Fogelberg contributes backing harmonies to this Jackson Browne track.

“The Heart Of The Matter” – Don Henley – The End Of The Innocence

Don Henley contributes backing vocals to numerous tracks on Nether Lands.

“Like A River” – My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

Jim James and My Morning Jacket craft a similar brand of modern folk pop rock to Dan Fogelberg.

“Sagres” – The Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home

The Tallest Man on Earth’s latest is a modern take on Dan Fogelberg’s orchestral folk.

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