Show #104: The Replacements’ Tim

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Embodying the soul of the willfully messy and massively influential 80’s rock band The Replacements, Tim is debatably the group’s finest album. It’s meant for an audience of outcasts and misfits, the ones unafraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and because of that carries a special magic that has defined college radio for the past 30 years.

Setlist (“Song Name” – Artist – Album)

“The ’59 Sound” – The Gaslight Anthem – The Gaslight Anthem

“Hold My Life” – The Replacements – Tim

“I’ll Buy” – The Replacements – Tim

“Kiss Me On The Bus” – The Replacements – Tim

“Dose Of Thunder” – The Replacements – Tim

“Waitress In The Sky” – The Replacements – Tim

“Swingin Party” – The Replacements – Tim

“Bastards of Young” – The Replacements – Tim

“Lay It Down Clown” – The Replacements – Tim

“Left Of The Dial” – The Replacements – Tim

“Little Mascara” – The Replacements – Tim

“Here Comes A Regular” – The Replacements – Tim

“Nowhere Is Near My Home” – The Replacements – Tim

This is a B-Side included on the expanded edition of Tim.

“Can’t Hardly Wait (Outtake – Electric)” – The Replacements – Tim

Despite being recorded during the Tim sessions, “Can’t Hardly Wait” was included on The Replacements next album Pleased To Meet Me. One of Paul Westerberg’s musical influences, Alex Chilton, plays guitar and produced this song.

“All I Really Want Is Money” – Alex Chilton – Free Again: The “1970” Sessions

Alex Chilton was an influence on The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg, lending backing vocals to “Left Of The Dial,” and informing songs like “Hold My Life.”

“The Ballad Of El Goodo” – Big Star – #1 Record

Alex Chilton became famous as a member of Big Star, a band that went on to influence The Replacements.

“Silent Film Star” – Paul Westerberg – Stereo

A solo cut from The Replacements’ frontman.

“I’ll Do Anything” – Grandpaboy – Mono

Paul Westerberg also recorded and released solo material under the name Grandpaboy.

“Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” – The Ramones – Rocket To Russia

Tommy Ramone produced Tim.

“Rebel Rouser” – Duane Eddy – Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Travel

Duane Eddy informs the sounds of The Replacements on songs like “Swingin Party.”

“So It Goes” – Nick Lowe – Jesus Of Cool

Nick Lowe is another one of Westerberg’s influences, and that influence can be heard on “Kiss Me On The Bus.”

“Mean Woman Blues” – Roy Orbison – The Essential Roy Orbison

I also feel “Swinging Party” is informed by the sounds of Roy Orbison.

“Friday Night (Is Killing Me)” – Bash & Pop – Friday Night Is Killing Me

The Replacements’ bass player, Tommy Stinson, formed Bash & Pop after the group broke up.

“Water Biscuits” – Chris Mars – Tenterhooks

Chris Marks went on to have a solo career after drumming for The Replacements.

“Celebrated Summer” – Hüsker Dü – New Day Rising

A contemporary work by another defining college radio band.

“Driver 8” – R.E.M. – Fables Of The Reconstruction

R.E.M. were also musical contemporaries with The Replacements.

“Wooderson” – The Gaslight Anthem –  Sink Or Swim

The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon cites The Replacements as a major reason for his band’s formation and Tim as his favorite album.

“As We Go Up, We Go Down” – Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes

Guided By Voices were probably influenced by The Replacements.

“Bob Stinson” – The Most Beautiful Losers – Playin’ With Hearts

This song is a tribute to The Replacement’s lead guitar player Bob Stinson.

“Take The Skinheads Bowling” – Camper Van Beethoven – Telephone Free Landslide Victory

Camper Van Beethoven are also musical contemporaries of The Replacements.

“Looking For A Kiss” – New York Dolls – New York Dolls

Bands like New York Dolls informed the sound of garage rock in the 1980s and were therefore an influence on The Replacements.

“We Can Get Together” – The Hold Steady – Heaven Is Whenever

The Hold Steady have cited The Replacements as a major influence.

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