The Scenic Route on Fox-Crow Variety Show Feb 25

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This week’s show with members of local Canton group The Scenic Route was rockin’.

Normally plugged in with electric, four of the six unplugged and came down to our Studio C to share several songs off of their last album Drama Queen, as well as a taste of their new single, Same Old Ghost.

Lead singer Rachel Crozier enchanted the airwaves with her vibrant lyrics, backed by Laura Sanicky’s delicious harmonies, alongside Van Lovelace’s fiery acoustic guitar and Thomas Newbauer on box drum.

The Scenic Route wowed me with their class act. Their electric ballads soar through the air, as well. You can see them live at Swisster’s and Vaughn’s Pub coming up beginning of March.


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Find out more about their upcoming gigs on Facebook and hear more tracks on Bandcamp

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