The Cleveland Radio Players on the Fox-Crow Variety Show, Jan 14

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This week, I had the immense pleasure of having several members of The Cleveland Radio Players. On their website, the troupe has a list of the many different performers and writers involved in the original productions, as well as a submission form for anyone in the world to send in their one or two act scripts to be turned into radio plays.

We at the Fox-Crow Variety Show are all about performance art and individual artistic engagement, so it was wonderful to share the love with founder Milton “Uncle Milty” Horowitz, associate producer Ryan Forte, and screenwriter Jim Pelyhes.

The first featured radio play was a noir-style murder mystery, Killer Valentine, boasting suspense, thrilling plot turns, and a chilling atmosphere.

Second was Pelyhes’s Sweetwater Files: Battle of Wills, a Marx Brothers-esque, fast-paced, quippy comedy. A fun and cleverly underhanded romp, to say the least.

It was an honor to share with the Players the Fox-Crow original radio serial Mystery Detective Adventures, and we look forward to future collaborations.

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