Soundtrack for St. Patrick’s Day

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Soundtrack for St. Patrick’s Day…At this radio show playback link are songs inspired by the wearin’ of the green, and Mr. O’JEG mixes in a bit o’ blarney as well. (Irish tunes have historic similarities to Appalachian music.) Includes Noam Pikelny (at the Kent Stage Sun. 3/19), The Erie Rovers, Brigid’s Cross, Hey Mavis, Billie Westenfelder/Ed Mills, Matthew Abelson, The FlipSide, John McCutcheon, The Irish Rovers, The Roches, The Saw Doctors, The Battlefield Band, Maura O’Connell, Tanglefoot, The Punch Brothers (Noam is a member!), Tom Lewis, etc.
If interested in listening, this link will stay valid until this upcoming Thurs., when this particular content will disappear and be overwritten by the next edition of the show. Save/name this to your computer mp3 files if you wish to play it later.
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