Queen of Themes’ Quote of the Day

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Courtney’s quote of the day, in order by show:

Royalty:”In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.”–Gianni Versace

Fake Endings: “Would you like to know your future? If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence: a surprise.” –Vera Nazarian

Murder Ballads: “The greatest thrill is not to kill, but to let live.” –James Oliver Curwood

Music vs. The Music Industry: “One thing the music industry taught me is to manage my expectations.” –Q-Tip

Doomsday Tunes: “Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.” –Welcome to Night Vale

Covers: “I continue to be interested in new things that seem old and old things that seem new.” –Jaquelin T. Robertson.

Space Jams: “It is quite literally true that we are stardust, in the highest exalted way one can use that phrase…I bask in the majesty of the cosmos. Not only are we in the universe, the universe is in us. I don’t know any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon me.”–Neil deGrasse Tyson

Places and Spaces: “A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.” –Joan Didion

Questions: “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” –Voltaire

Literary Listens: “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” –Groucho Marx

War: “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.” –Anonymous

Hall of Famers: “You see, rock and roll isn’t a career or a hobby–it’s a life force., It’s something very essential” –The Edge