Dave Liebman Special on Route 66 Wednesday July 5 starting at 9am!

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“The reason I tell it like it is the way I do to my students is because I know other teachers don’t……” Extremely no-holds-barred last man standing conversation about an Artist’s survival with super Musician/Educator Dave Liebman for the entire 3-hour episode of the show on July 5th,starting with an hour of the music Dave referred to during the talk e.g. Ayler,Coltrane,Miles ,Mingus,Ornette and others,then an hour of Liebman’s own music ,then.at the 11:00 am EST portion ,the interview……Professor Liebman REALLY got down and dirty regarding living as an Artist as well as an Arist’s Life and focused mostly on education: no anecdotes about parties,pills ,or pimps,nor was he interested in talking about it nor did he think any body else should be interested in it either…………..