Black Phoenix Artist Society on Fox-Crow Variety Show Feb 11

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This past week I had the great pleasure of welcoming three members of Cleveland-based ten-piece collaborative, the Black Phoenix Artist Society. Josiah “Jo Melody” Britt, Shakka Hasberry, and Lonnie Reid on guitar coalesced in our Studio C to share their vision for musical and community engagement.

Shakka graced the airwaves with his euphonic vocals, accompanied by Jo Melody’s sublime lyricism and wordsmithing, performing live both to several of the Society’s grooving hip-hop instrumental tracks and to Lonnie’s gently-weeping, soulful strings.

You can find out more about the group on Facebook in the Black Phoenix Artist Society group page

Listen and download the archive before Saturday 4-6pm, when we will have Low Cut Connie on for an interview.