Beth McKee “Sugarcane Revival”

Every so often an album comes to my attention that grabs me by the short hairs and says “I’m special dammit! Listen to me!” It happened the first time I heard Neko Case, Lydia Loveless’ “Indestructible Machine”, and now Beth McKee. Her new album “Sugarcane Revival” took me back to one of my very first music loves; Carole King. Beth’s music is piano-based pop-rock with hints of gospel, Cajun, and soul. In my opinion, the biggest similarity between Beth McKee and Carole King are the vocals. That little bit of rasp in their voices is especially endearing. This past Tuesday I aired “Sugarcane Revival” in its entirety, something I rarely do. I hope Beth has tons of success.

Here’s a link to a sampler on her web page:

It’s also on Spotify