A Glimpse of Cuba Through Caribbean Eyes

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Cuba is a trend setter in the Caribbean and also one of our largest islands. They have had marked successes in Medicine and education and you can get real modern medical procedures done there.  A number of Belizeans travel across to Cuba to study medicine and the government of Belize has an agreement with Cuba to assist Belize with contracted medical personnel, including nurses and doctors because of the shortage of health professionals within the country.

Cuba, once inhabited by Amerindians, shares a history of colonization and a noble, bloody fight for freedom and independence. Nations in the Caribbean and Latin America share a common bond of unity associated with this struggle and the importance to maintain an identity in the diaspora. Cuba, similar to Belize is considered a part of Latin America.

Recently, the United States has improved the relationship with Cuba and travel is now possible direct to and from the region.  Cuba has also release some of the restrictions on citizens to travel in and out of Cuba.

Today we travel across to Cuba on CARIBELLA, featuring the music, history and economic contribution.