Movie Soundtracks

Fox-Crow Variety Show

Forged in countless hours of making funny faces in the mirror and narrating inane stories to no one in particular, the Fox-Crow Variety Show is a blend of original sketches, radio drama, in-studio guests and performers, and a general appreciation of all that Cleveland has to offer. Join The Kilt Guy on Saturdays 4:00pm-6:00pm here … Continued

Father Hells Movie Hour

(movies)(movie)/cosign{talkings***} + (reviews)(X) = FHMH — where X equals the current week

Groovy Movie Music

Ever wonder what movie music sounds like without all that annoying dialogue and sound effects? Listen in for 30 minutes every Monday afternoon and hear film scores from both classic and recent popular big screen movies!

Loose Marbles

Take a break from the daily grind! Featuring instrumental pieces including classical, modern compositions, movie soundtracks, and world music.