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with Jeff
Tuesdays 11:00pm - 1:00am
Genre(s): Freeform, Punk

Freeform randomness with a tendency toward post-punk, international rock & trad, old-timey, experimental, psychedelic, no-wave, stoner, drone, outsider, French pop, oddball country, folk & blues, German industrial, and other stuff you're not sure how to describe when people ask you what kind of music you like. Also completely random 7"'s! Bad music for bad people.

This website may be of use during this show also: http://fall.byethost13.com/lyrics.html

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03.17.14 Ivor Cutler: 'He didn't live by the same rules as everyone else'
03.16.14 Who are THE HUMANS?
02.12.13 The Quietus interviews Pere Ubu's David Thomas
05.31.12 John Peel Documentary


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