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The Octopus Project on Dare Waves, Wednesday October 29th

by Neal Dare Waves

It's not 100% confirmed yet, but Neal is hoping The Octopus Project will stop down on Wed October 29th, prior to their Grog Shop show that evening.  The Octopus Project is an amazing all-instrumental electro-noise-experimental-rock band from Austin Texas, and are currently touring North America .  The Octopus Project blend experimental and pop elements, using theremin, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, synthesizers, and other devices to create a unique sound - indietronic?  The Octopus Project played the Grog Shop three times last year - they opened for Stereo Total, they played the Grog Shop's 15th Anniversary weekend that year, and they opened for Enon.  This time around, they are deservedly headlining the tour, with the Jeans Team in support. 


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