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USPA 2006

by Dr. Polka

United States Polka Association's annual festival and convention at the Quality INN & Suites (Crown Plaza) in Middleburg Hts., Ohio. Memorial Day Weekend. Festival featured over 650 attendance each day to hear some of the sounds in Chicago style polkas. Dance floor was the best set up in all the years at the Bagley & Engle location of the Festival.

Friday Night featured the bands, Polka Family, Henny & the Versa J's and Change of Pace. Big crowds in front of the band

Saturday's Banquest with master of Ceremony, Jeff Mleczko, and the musical renditions by New Generation Band out of Wisconsin with the oldest member of the band is 26. and up and comming band. Dynabrass took most of the awards and the banquet consquently lack some of the enthusiasm and polish of the past. Food was very good and thanks going out to Linda Swierderski for her efforts assembling the banquet.

Bands on Saturday featured music from the Merry Makers, Crusade, Dynabrass & FreezeDried. some complaints were heard about the lack of a Honky style band in the line up but the numbers of attendees back up the band committee.

In the lounge was the Buffalo Knewz with a great big following.

Sunday Morning Annual meeting, Mail Man Mike, lived up to the tradition of outrageous PJ's. Complaints about people sneeking into the festival was heard. Issues with the 18 & Under free with adult needs to balanced against the attracting youth to the future events. No talk about Future events in the informal meeting.

The $15 entrance for 12 hours of music is a small price comparable to other entertainment choices.

Sunday afternoon, the Ampol Airs supplied music by the Chicago polka traditioanlists, Blending their sound with the John Steven's Double Shot. The evening brought contrasting melodious sounds of Chicago Push with Lenny Gomulka, to the evere entertaining fiddle playing Polka Country Musicians.

New owners of the hotel, therefore a repeat of the money tossing at the band did not transpire this year. What ever happened to Jak Sie Masz Eddie and Atul?

The Hotel is getting run-down and the change to the new owners should be investing in renovation.


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