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Phantom Planet- Phantom Planet

by Rich

Now before you read this review, I realize that this CD has been out for a couple of months, but i got it used recently and therefore it is new to me. This is ironically not the bands first release, which one might expect from a self titled album. The music on the album was very impressive. While I find most garage rock bands repeditive, Phantom planet seems to add some life into the genre. Maybe I'm just too easily impressed by guitar hooks, but I thought the music was extrememly catchy. That being said the vocals are utterly ordinary. The songs have tons of raw energy, but the vocalist is utterly restrained. While some may say the contrast is intentional, but it just doesnt gel at times. There are a few songs where the vocals get up to speed, but over all I found them lacking. Works best on the song "Big Brat". Still good music, for the price I paid, I enjoyed it.


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