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"The Lover And The Beloved" from Donna De Lory

by Carl

A standout contibution to the World Music tribe has come to us from Donna De Lory, the daughter of Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew Al De Lory,and granddaughter of the cellist for Warner Bros animation studio, who has created a unique musical world of her own of Hindu devotional chants,drumming and voice,in a modern,sometimes ethereal,sometimes visceral,always extremely passionate display of the encounter between Muscian and Music,that we all can appreciate on many different levels.With songs like "Om Nama Shivaya"rendered respectfully,but with great passion and individuality,as well as the familiar "Hare Krishna""Govinda Jaya Jaya"and a very very dramatic reading of "He Ma Durga",the CD becomes an offering,a bearing of witness of the Power and Glory of Krishna Music as well as an almost journalistic example of the effect these prayers and chants have on this third generation artist.Her voice is light and very inviting, and it's mixed to showcase the words,(pleasing to tradionalists)and in partnership with the instrumentaion which includes some high-tech flavorings in subtle support of her voice,which though classically trained,sometimes seems totally overwhelmed with feeling at the beauty of the prayers,similar to Gospel simgers speaking in tongues in the prescence of their God.A fascinating listening experience!


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