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ABERFELDY -- Young Forever

by Ben

Do a Goggle search on the word Aberfeldy and the first link will take you to a site about a town in the Scottish Highlands. Scan down the list a bit and you will see entries with information about the the band Aberfeldy, a 5 piece group from Edinburgh who have recently released their debut disk, Young Forever on Rough Trade Records.

The sound of the disk is warm, friendly and inviting. It is folk rock. There are acoustic guitars. There is a bit of fiddle playing. There is also a pop rock energy and a sense of humor that makes the disk a delightful listen. The song 'Heliopolis By Night' concerns an alien abduction and features some quirky female backing vocals. You can go to the groups web site www.aberfeldys.com/ to hear that cut, and see a cute little flash animation video for the song. The disk is on Rough Trade, and if you go to roughtraderecords.com/ and search on the band's name you can sample 2 other tracks.

The music will not change the world, but each time I give it a spin it brings a smile and desire to sing along. Give it a listen and you may just start smiling too.


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